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Dance Lessons (Ages 10-18)

Are you ready to unlock your child's physical expression through our foundation of dance program?

  • 1 hour
  • The Loft

Service Description

Unleash your child's artistic potential with our comprehensive and personalised dance lesson program. Led by experienced instructors, we offer a vibrant learning experience that encompasses a diverse range of essential skills. From mastering foundational dance techniques to exploring various dance styles, choreography, and musicality, our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to build a strong dance foundation and nurture creative expression. Your child will develop grace, coordination, and rhythm, unlocking the ability to move with confidence and synchronize their movements with the music. With a focus on artistic interpretation, we cover the foundations of ballet, jazz, contemporary and hip-hop. They will delve into musicality and improvisation, honing their ability to create captivating dance routines and truly embody the language of movement. Through our engaging lessons, your child will gain the confidence to learn and interpret dance routines, understand choreographic nuances, and explore their own unique artistic ideas. Our program encourages their growth as dancers and empowers them to become versatile and skilled performers. Join us today and witness their passion for dance flourish as they transform into accomplished and expressive dancers, ready to captivate audiences with their artistry.

Contact Details

  • 49A Collingwood Street, Nelson, New Zealand

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