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Guitar Lessons (Ages 10-18)

Are you ready to watch your child's musical talents blossom like never before?

  • 1 h
  • The Loft

Service Description

Ignite your child's musical journey with our comprehensive and personalised guitar lesson program. Led by experienced instructors, we provide a dynamic learning experience that covers a wide range of essential skills. From mastering open chords and bar chords to exploring scales, tab reading, and chord charts, our curriculum is designed to build a solid foundation and foster creativity. Your child will develop dexterity and rhythm, unlocking the ability to strum along to their favorite songs and confidently navigate complex chord progressions. With an emphasis on musical expression, they'll delve into scales and improvisation, honing their ability to create melodic solos and understand the language of music. Through our engaging lessons, your child will gain the confidence to read guitar tabs, interpret chord charts, and explore their own musical ideas. Join us today and watch their passion for music flourish as they become a versatile and skilled guitarist.

Contact Details

  • 49A Collingwood Street, Nelson, New Zealand

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